The Morehouse Council on Aging "Wellness Program" is a multi-faceted program encompassing programs for a persons individual health, and nutritional goals. As a person ages, the tendency is to lose muscle mass, and gain more fatty weight. Depending upon the general health of a person, the program can be targeted to overall health, or to a specific body area. The "Wellness Program" has been broken into several areas to attain the best health and wellness for the individual client.

"LIFT FOR LIFE" Free Weight Program: The Lift for Life free weight program is a program utilizing free weights, and machines to retain, gain, or reduce muscle mass by repetitive sets in an organized routine. Most routines are set for a twenty (20) or thirty (30) minute workout. They are set up by a Certified Weight Trainer who is also a registered dietician. Each client must visit a doctor for a thorough physical before beginning the program. The Trainer develops a routine for the client afte the first interview, then reviews monthly the client's progress.


SENIOR AEROBIC PROGRAM: The Senior Aerobic program provides treadmills, stationary bicycles, stair-steppers, and non-motorized equipment for a program which sustains a 20 minute cardiac, respiratory workout.




SENIOR EXERCISE PROGRAM: The Senior Exercise program is a 1 hour  floor exercise class geared to toning, strengthening muscles, coordination, and respiratory endurance led by a senior.




SENIOR CHAIR EXERCISE PROGRAM: The Senior Chair Exercise program includes a set of exercises led by an instructor done form a chair with music for those experiencing multiple arthritic, leg, and muscle problems. The program is geared to stretching, arm and leg movement, and coordination. It is good for a person recovering from an operation or a fall.



NUTRITION COUNSELING PROGRAM: In a health and fitness program, nutrition is a major component. The Registered Dietitian meets with the client about their nutritional goals, and counsels them on their caloric intake, fluids, and food groups. The Dietitian can develop individual menus, and low sodium, low fat diets.