Services & Programs

Services & Programs

The Morehouse Council on Aging provides a wide variety of services that are intended to help an older person remain in their own home as long as possible given their particular circumstances. These services are arranged for the well older person, the sick older person, and the frail older person. Each group can choose from a variety of services that are aimed at the home bound, access, community, and need. There are a variety of short applications to enroll in a service, and begin to receive those services. Below are the array of services offered by the Morehouse Council on Aging.


Access Services: Those services intended to gain access to other services in the community.

  • Information & Assistance: Information about available services, and programs.
  • Legal Assistance: Legal services, advice, and individual representation which includes legal hot line.
  • Outreach: Visit to predetermined areas of the parish to provide first time information about available services,
    and programs.

Caregiver Services: Those services that are provided to 24 hour caregivers to provide breaks to caregivers.

  • In-Home Respite: Time for the Caregiver of a homebound person to do errands, or personal business.
  • Sitter Service: The Sitter Service provides a sitter to stay with a person while the care giver takes time away from the home taking care of errands, or personal business.

Community Services: Those services that are provided in a community, group or congregate setting.

  • Congregate Meals: Hot meals that are low sodium, low fat served in a congregate setting with people
    of similar age.
  • Recreation: Organized recreation activities such as Senior Games, Arts/Crafts, Line Dancing, Trips,
    and Topic speakers.
  • Transportation: Transportation to nutrition sites, paying bills, and shopping.
  • Wellness: Exercise programs designed to tone, strengthen muscles, aiding in coordination through free weights, floor exercises, aerobic equipment, along with Nutrition Counseling.


In-Home Services: Those services that are provided in the clients home.

  • Homemaker: Someone to help keep the home hygienically clean, doing laundry, mopping, vacuuming,
    and other homemaking tasks.
  • Home Delivered Meals: "Meals on Wheels" that are low in sodium, low fat delivered to the home.
  • Personal Emergency Response System: A telephone based system for emergencies in the home or in the yard through Acadian on Call. It comes with a remote device that can be worn at all times.
  • Telephoning: Individual calls to the client's home to provide socialization, and human interaction.
  • Utility Assistance: Entergy's Helping Hands program for help with electric bills through volunteer donations,
    and matching funds from Entergy.