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The Section 8


Program helps you to rent a good place.

The Section 8 Certification Voucher Program is a rental assistance program that helps the participant pay their rent. The program allows the participant to chose where they want to live. An important feature of the program is that neighbors in the community do not know the family is assisted with their rent.

Application Process:

  • Fill out an application to be admitted to the waiting list

  • When your name comes tho the top of the list, you must assist the MPPJHA in verifying the information on your application.

  •  Once certified a certificate is issued and the family begins their search for a unit.

Owners must agree to the terms of the contract, the amount of rent and must ensure required repairs are complete before the contract is effective.

Your Responsibilities:

  1. Provide all information needed by the MPPJHA

  2. All information must be true and complete.

  3. Report any changes in income immediately.

  4. Report anyone moving out of the unit immediately.

  5.  Get written permission for anyone to move in the unit

  6. Do not participate in drug or criminal activity.

  7. Report problems to the Landlord and if not responsive report to MPPJHA.

  8. Give 30 day written notice when vacating the unit

  9. Never pay Landlord money to the MPPJHA has not authorized.

  10. If you, a family member or guest breaks or tears up something in the unit, you are responsible for repairing it.

  11.  If you are responsible for paying the   utilities, they must be kept on or you will lose your assistance.

  12.  If you have a bug problem due to poor housekeeping you are responsible for spraying. You must keep your unit safe, decent and sanitary or lose your assistance.

   13. Any violent or threatening abuse toward MPPJHA personnel will result in the loss of your assistance.

    14. Give a copy of any eviction notice by the Landlord to MPPJHA.

Violation of any of the family obligations may result in the loss of your assistance and your CERTIFICATE or VOUCHER will be given to another family.

Responsibilities of the owner:

  • Choose tenants through legal screening methods.
  • Comply with terms of lease
  • Maintain the unit and keep it up to Housing Quality Standards.
  • Cooperate with the tenant by completing any repairs promptly.
  • Report to MPPJHA any eviction procedures.

Responsibilities of the Housing Authority:

  • Certify applicants
  • Ensure rental units meet Housing uality Standards
  • Perform annual and special inspections and inform the Landlord of needed repairs.
  • Aid tenant in the search for a home that suits their needs and is safe, sanitary and affordable.


The Housing Authority may deny or terminate assistance if the evidence indicates that a family member has engaged in drug related or violent criminal activity, regardless of whether the family member has been arrested or convicted.


Housing Quality Standards

Housing Quality Standards helps to ensure that your housing willbe safe, healthy and comfortable. There are two (2) kinds of Housing Quality Standards:

  1. HUD required items
  2. Additional things that you should think about for the special needs of your family

 Section 8 Certificate/Voucher Programs 

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